Expansion Joint Treatment

Building components are permanently exposed to strong strains such as temperature fluctuations, earthquakes, and other physical conditions. These affect the volume and the composition of the materials used and the substance of the buildings, and can cause symptoms of fatigue or breakages with catastrophic consequences. We provide high-quality solutions to ensure sustainable building quality.

We are specially developed for the waterproofing of concrete building styles which have become increasingly common in recent decades.

In this building concrete assumes the waterproofing function against pressure-exerting and non-pressure exerting water as well as being load-bearing.

The field of application for waterproof concrete includes underground garages and flat roofs, cellar walls and floors, swimming baths and water containers. Basins made of waterproof concrete are also called “white tanks”, due to their very light appearance after drying out; bituminous-sealed ones on the other hand are “black tanks”.


  • Economic to fit thanks to prefabricated, precision-fit expansion joint strips
  • Strips and preforms are supplied as fully fabricated systems
  • No complex substructure thanks to sandwich construction
  • No shielding necessary thanks to the quality of joint with seal
  • Very high resistance to building vibrations (e.g., in the event of an earthquake)
  • Smooth fitting without loops or bulges
  • Easily follows the line of any joint
  • Highly elastic expansion zone
  • Force-fit connections on bitumen and with epoxy resin adhesives on concrete and metal, etc.
  • Special metal connection pieces for connections to metal work
  • Individual strips can be put together on site using the specially designed vulcanization device