Flexible Coating

Flexible Coating is a high performance solvent based elastomeric waterproof coating which cures to a tough, flexible, rubber sheet, to protect floors, walls, roofs and underground structures from penetration by water and water vapour.


The technical specification of Flexible Coating waterproof membrane are as follows:

  • High tensile strength and flexibility
  • High resistance to oils
  • Single component product
  • Usable on most surfaces
  • 92% solid content
  • Strong and resistant to abrasion
  • more than 500% elongation
  • Resistant to UV
  • Long life
  • Conforms to ASTM C836

Use and Advantages

Flexible Coating forms a strong, hard, yet flexible membrane. Its resistance to abrasion makes it suitable for lining sewage channels, whilst its high resistance to oils makes it ideal for use on car park decks in a sandwich construction.

It is also resistant to standing water and even resists water before fully cured. Flexible Coating Waterproofer can be applied onto most surfaces, including concrete, metal and wood, and its main application areas are roofing (due to its resistance to UV radiation) and the waterproofing of floors and underground structures.

It is elastomeric with a high elongation and recovery after stretching, and so is able to withstand significant structural movement.

It is a one component, easy to apply product. Application is mainly by bush, squeegee or airless spray equipment. Its high solids content means that little of the wet thickness is lost to evaporation.

It is a solvent based waterproof coating and, therefore, not damaged by freezing temperatures.