Cold Joints Treatment

Cold Join Treatment is specially formulated multiple composite water stop which swell upon contact with fresh and salt water.
It combines the strength & toughness to replace conventional water stops and can be applied without split forming or splicing as required with conventional water stops.
Its self healing ability is formed upon reacting with the leaking water to form a tight pressure seal when placed in a confined condition within a concrete cold joint.


The expansion properties engineered into

  • Reduce the internal pressures created from traditional clay based expanding water stop.

  • Single component, easy to apply with high water proofing sealing ability.

  • Self healing joint waterproofing system. Eliminates many problems encountered with conventional P.V.C.& Rubber Water Stop as :

- Difficulties in positioning the water stop.
- Water migration along the water stop surface.
- Splicing and split forming.


 It is applied in non moving concrete joints and between precuts concrete structures of

  • Manholes & Septic Tanks.

  • Box culverts &water structures.

  • Water & Waste water concrete pipes.

  • Foundations, slabs &retaining walls.

  • Underground parking garages.

  • Concrete storage tanks & tunnels.

  • Replacing conventional water stops.